MACS Membership

MACS offers members:
  • studio space for members to work together in creative groups
  • workshops for members to upgrade and diversify their skills
  • opportunities for member to exhibit their work
MACS Studio is at 24 Glasshouse Rocks Road, Narooma, where Workshops are held and regular weekly groups meet for Drawing and Painting, Life Drawing, Mosaics, Plein air, Pottery, and Textiles.
MACS members have the opportunity to exhibit their work at galleries:
  – Narooma Library
  – Whale Coast Realty
and at Exhibitions:
   – MACS Annual Exhibition
   – MACS Boats Afloat Exhibition
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Membership Form2022
A joining fee plus initial Annual Membership fee is payable with application. Thereafter only an annual membership fee is payable. New members joining from October 1st will be financial for the following calendar year.
Please note that Newsletters are emailed to Members. A copy is also posted on MACS web site and Facebook
The fees are:
Adults                                Initial Joining Fee $10        Annual Membership fee $40
Juniors (under 18)            Initial Joining Fee $1         Annual Membership fee $10

Life Member                                                          Annual Membership fee $2

NOTE: a Studio session fee of $3.00 is payable on each attendance to help cover cost of refreshments and cleaning materials



Committee positions:
  • serves as spokesperson for the Society
  • chairs Committee meetings
  • is a signatory for the Society
  • develops relationships with the Committee, members, and other groups
Vice president:
  • supports the President and stands in when the President is not available
  • takes responsibility for a particular job, such as Membership, Public Officer…
  • may be required to be a signatory
  • reports to Committee with figures prepared and reconciled by bookkeeper
    is a signatory for the Society
    calculates commissions for sales of Members’ work
    authorises payments through internet banking
  • prepares an Agenda for Meetings
  • records Minutes of Meetings
  • deals with correspondence
Non-Committee positions:
Public Officer:
  • lodges annual financial statements with the Department of Fair Trading
  • has custody of the Association’s documents
  • is the official contact for the Association
  • produce a monthly Newsletter
  • email items of interest to members
  • update Facebook
  • update website
  • process membership applications
  • maintain the membership list
  • send out renewal notices
Studio manager:
  • keep a key register
  • clear the studio fees box and take it for banking
  • replenish Studio supplies
  • generally keep the Studio and equipment in good order
Workshops manager:
  • organise workshops 
  • monitor registrations
  • attend on the day(s)
Publicity and Photographer:
  • take photos at MACS events
  • submit articles to print and electronic media
  • send items to Editor for Newsletter, Facebook, Website
Workshop presenter:
  • provide details of proposed workshop
  • MACS promotes, collects fees and retains 10%
  • run the Workshop, provide an invoice, etc
Studio Group Convenor:
  • hold a key and appoint someone to attend if absent
  • provide assistance for the group, especially for beginners
  • lock the Studio and gate