Exhibitions & Artists

MACS showcases member’s art and craft at galleries and exhibitions each year.
Members are wide ranging in talent and include people who work with paint (acrylic, oil, watercolour, alcohol ink….), photographers, mosaics, textiles, ceramics, paper and much much more
Display:  Whale Real Estate, Narooma Library, Annual MACS Exhibition, Boat’s Afloat

Narooma Library exhibitions are continuous and change regularly to feature work by MACS Artists – Paintings across a broad range of subject matter.

Boat’s Afloat is an annual exhibition held alongside the festival of the same name – Works are themed to the wooden boats and maritime themes.

Artists include
Colin Berry
Jenni Bourke
Viv Bowe-Wood
Lorraine Brownlee
Zoey Burke
Gary Caldow
Giovanni Carrus
Judy De Smeth
Karen Elphick
Helen Forrer
Judy Glover
Judy Gordon
Nicole Grimm Hewitt
Jennifer Hawkins
Cheryl Hill
Rita Horta
Suzanne Hybinett

Jane Ihara
Jilly Johnston
Janet Jones
Natasha Kalenjuk
Karin Kruger
Fiona Lyell
Rachel McInnes
Aileen Maloney
Margaret Moran
Margi O’Connor
Tania Pennell (author)
Tony Pye


Marilyn Rainsford
Kirk Ryder
Peter Robinson
Lois Selby
Alison Spurgeon
Marina Taylor
Judith Thompson
Val Tippins


Heidi Uhlig
Alison Walker
Rosy Williams
Viv Wood
Robyn Woodward