Retrospective Exhibition

The Retrospective Exhibition at Club Narooma was cancelled this year however, we are including entries here.

Janet Jones

My painting ‘Winter cheer’ was inspired by the wonderful vivid colour which can be seen around  the neighbourhood during the winter months. Although it’s not native it is such a decorative plant and brightens up any garden.

It is difficult to paint as the petals or leaves wilt very quickly and one needs to work very fast to establish it on canvas. In fact I had to go and pick some fresh flowers and try to recreate the arrangement in order to complete the painting.


Here are some photos of members, taken back in 2011, 2012.

Anne McDougal is a very talented watercolourist, with great drawing skills.
She has since moved back to Victoria.

Ro Farrell worked in Watercolour, Pastel and other media.  She is no longer active, because of health issues, but is remembered for her teaching over a number of years.

Val Tippins is a much loved, long time member, committee member and past president who is still active and until recently exhibited her local oil paintings in the Visitor Centre.


Margaret Moran
Glass, Brass and Eucalypt
 was the first painting I entered into a MACS exhibition, back in 1994
I was still living in Albury and drove over with the painting on the day of the hanging.
 I missed the judging, but they still accepted the painting.




Artists include
Colin Berry
Jenni Bourke
Viv Bowe-Wood
Lorraine Brownlee
Zoey Burke
Gary Caldow
Giovanni Carrus
Judy De Smeth
Karen Elphick
Helen Forrer
Judy Glover
Judy Gordon
Nicole Grimm Hewitt
Jennifer Hawkins
Cheryl Hill
Rita Horta
Suzanne Hybinett

Jane Ihara
Jilly Johnston
Janet Jones
Natasha Kalenjuk
Karin Kruger
Fiona Lyell
Rachel McInnes
Aileen Maloney
Margaret Moran
Margi O’Connor
Tania Pennell (author)
Tony Pye


Marilyn Rainsford
Kirk Ryder
Peter Robinson
Lois Selby
Alison Spurgeon
Marina Taylor
Judith Thompson
Val Tippins


Heidi Uhlig
Alison Walker
Rosy Williams
Viv Wood
Robyn Woodward