MACS Committee & General MACS Contacts

Committee and Tasks 2017

Executive Committee Members:
Irene Berry
Vice President-1                                  Christine Macauley
Vice President-2                                  Judy Glover            
Treasurer                                             Colin Berry
Secretary                                             Jennifer Hawkins

Ordinary Committee Members:
Public Officer/Compliance                Adrianne Waterman
Minute Secretary:                               Sue Liddy
Publicity                                              Rosaleen Williams
Visitor Information Centre  (VIC) Rosters          Di Pye                 

Non Committee Tasks:
VIC Managers:                                  
Christine Macauley, Colin Berry
Exhibitions Coordinator                    Robyn Woodward
Cottage Manager:                               Denise Rungen
Cottage Gallery:                                 Joy Macfarlane
Membership:                                       Margaret Moran
Webmaster:                                         Anne-Maree Kape
Easter Exhibition                                Team of seven


For any enquiries or to leave a message for any of the Committee to contact you, please contact MACS Cottage on tel:  4476 5397 or by email: