2015 Open Easter Exhibition

A feast of the visual arts greeted visitors to MACS 2015 Open Easter Exhibition at its new venue at the Narooma Sport & Leisure Centre.    Thanks to the 2015 Organising Commitee and the many helpers who worked so hard to create such a spectacular exhibition.

2015 Prize Winners:

2015 Narooma Art Prize Award winner:
“Picnic at Glasshouse Rocks”
Artist:  Jane Nielsen

Youth Award:
“Girl down the Street”
Artist:  Wynona Wyard

2nd Prize Youth Award:
“Fractures Beneath”
Artist:  Wynona Wyard

Category 1:   Oils:
Winner:   “Sunlit Dunes”.  Artists: Richard Sealy
Highly Commended:  “A Journey”. Artist:  Janet Jones
Commended:  “Yabbara Drive Dalmeny”.  Artist Alan Peters

Category 2:  Photography:
Winner:   “Fields of Gundagai”.  Artist:  Chris Putnam
Highly Commended:  “Under Zee”.  Artist:  Rosy Williams

Category 3:  Acrylic:
Winner:  “Midday Chat”. Artist:  Phillip Martin
Commended:  “Jean’s View Tuross Head”.  Artist:  Jane Ihara

Category 4:  Heritage (Macs Members only):
Winner:  “A Day at the Beach 1915”.  Artist: Gary Caldow

Category 5:  Watercolour:
Winner:  “From the Ferry Fowey, Cornwell”.  Artist:  Gordon Dickson
Commended:  “Leaves”.  Artist:   Ian (Bill) McKenzie

Category 6:  3D, including recycled and found items:
Winner:  “The General”.  Artist:   Greg Watts
Highly Commended:  “Who Me?”.  Artist:  Don Shortridge
Commended:  “Garden Window”  Artist:  Carol Hellmers

Category 7:  Pastel:
Winner:  “Whittakers Creek”.  Artist:  Nicki Hall
Commended:  “Nasturtiums”.  Artist:  Rona Walker

Category 8:  Fibre/Needlework:
Joint Winners:
“Potato Point #3”  Artist:  Elizabeth Andalis
“The Lost People of Maryville”.  Artist:  Sue Barford

Category 9:  Works on Paper:
Winner:  “After Matisse Red”.  Artist: Geri Taylor
Highly Commended:  “Distant View Lanyon Farm”.  Artist: Phillip Martin
Commended:  “Memories”.  Artist Ann Guy

Category 10:  Mosaic:
Winner:  “My Tree of Life”.  Artist Judy Gordon
Commended:  “Mrs Fish”. Artist: Julie Creagh

Category 11:  Mixed Media:
Winner:  “Sapphire Lagoon”.  Artist: Tanya Nelipa
Commended:  “On the Edge”.  Artist:  Joy MacFarlane.

People’s Choice Award:
Winner:  Herron’s Rest”,  Mixed Media.   Artist:Sheryl Miller

Packers’ Prize:
Winner:  “Sam”.  Pastel.  Artist: Margi Ingamells.

Encouragement Awards:
“Cacophany in the Canopy”, Mosaic.   Artist: Judy Glover
“Mushroom Philosophy”.   3D, including Recycled/Found Objects:  Artist: Marg Hansen.
“Zed is for _______”.  Watercolours.  Artist: Felicity Townend.
“Still Life with Oranges”  Pastel.  Artist: Dianne Webster
“Egret”.  3D including Recycled/Found Objects.  Artist: Natasha Kalenjuk.